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Time (Friday)Classroom CClassroom D
6pm-7pmOpening CeremonyCedarsong Ritual (starts at 7pm)
7pm-8pmNina-Natural Living
8pm-9pmLeAnn- Kids Storytime
9pm-10pmAngela- Manifesting Your Destiny
Time (Saturday)
10am-11amKaren & Doug- Making the ConnectionLeAnn- Children’s Safety
11am-12pmKaren & Doug- Establishing BoundariesCeleste- Amazon Warrior Awakening
12pm-1pm (BREAK)
1pm-2pmNashan- Ritual SandwichKathy: Grounding and Centering
2pm-3pmNashan- Three SelvesMother Moon- Winter Wellness
3pm-4pmKaren & Doug- DivinationLeAnn- Stop making excuses and start living your life
4pm-5pmMelissa- Learning the Witch DanceKathy- What does Yule look like

December 8th, 2017

Registration begins at 2pm

Pre-Ball Festivities (classes, vendors etc) start at 2pm and run until 10pm

December 9th, 2017

The Pre-Ball Festivities (classes, vendors, etc) begin at 9am.

The Ball itself starts at 7pm and runs until 2am

Causeway Bay Hotel
6820 S Cedar St
Lansing, MI 48911
Discounted pricing for attendees who want rooms at the hotel is available. Booking code/information will be sent to you upon ticket purchase.

Ticket Pricing:

$20-$50 for Adults

$10 to $25 for Teens(13-17).

Children 12 and under are free.

Space is limited so register now. Ticket prices increase after Nov 1st.
We may offer tickets for sale at the door, if we have any left.
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  • Divination: Who, What, Where, When, and Not.

    Divination: Who, What, Where, When, and Not.

    From the basics to the advanced, we will discuss tips, tricks, and methods of ensuring that your divination is sound and solid. Also in the discussion is parameters such as when to read for the self or others and when to give a solid “no” to someone who asks as well as when not to believe the reading in front of you. We will also be covering some of the more esoteric forms of divination such as Google-mancy and possum bingo. Class by: Sapphire and Shadowdragon
    • Workshop
  • Davonna's Bayou Grace

    Davonna's Bayou Grace

    • Vendor
  • Dark Candles

    Dark Candles

    Dark Candles, Light For Those That Prefer The Dark.
    • Vendor
  • Ritual Sandwhich

    Ritual Sandwhich

    Learn the Ins and Outs of basic ritual construction to ensure that each ritual has a solid structure for every spell cast.
    • Workshop
  • Amazon Warrior Awakening

    Amazon Warrior Awakening

    Come join us for a hands on transformation experience! Awaken your inner Divine Feminine and warrior priestess energies. If you have been looking for a jump start to your own path of liberation and independence—this is for you. Class by: Ayin Stone
    • Workshop
  • Making the Connection

    Making the Connection

    Through adoption, divorce, or the movements of people and time, people may lose connection to those who came before. When speaking with Ancestors, how can one rediscover, reconnect, and honor those who were lost? This class discusses some of the ways in which to begin the dialogue and to find assistance both mundane and magical. We will also be discussing the unique aspects of ancestral and self-care that are necessary while on this journey of discovery. Class by: Sapphire and Shadowdragon
    • Workshop
  • The Enchanted Oak

    The Enchanted Oak

    Tools, decor, jewelry, health and beauty products and more.
    • Vendor
  • Establishing Boundaries

    Establishing Boundaries

    Establishing boundaries is one of the most basic yet most difficult of tasks. Peer pressure, internal second-guessing, and the feeling of "should" all take up arms against healthy recognition of personal space. Join in learning how to clearly define yourself and your space as well as learning how group dynamics can influence and either reinforce or undermine your internal terrain. We'll be talking about group expectations, how to avoid conflict before it starts, and how to defend your boundaries in healthy, productive ways. Class by: Sapphire and Shadowdragon
    • Workshop
  • Body, Hart, and Soul

    Body, Hart, and Soul

    Massage oils, bath salts, room sprays, and more.
    • Vendor
  • Archaic Circle

    Archaic Circle

    Natural health, beauty, and pet care products.
    • Vendor
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