Yule Ball Vendor Registration

From December 08, 2017 14:00 until December 10, 2017 02:00

To sign up for a vending space for the 2017 Yule Ball, click on the sign up button above and submit the form with payment.  

By doing so you are signifying that you have read and agreed to the following terms/rules.


Vending Spaces:

  • Vending spaces at Pagan Pride are 8x8.
  • Vending spaces cost $50
  • An additional space can be purchased for $25 before November 1st.
  • Vendor registration closes November 30th.
  • We will provide a table if needed.  If you do not need a table you *must* contact us to have your display approved.

Yule Ball Specific Rules and Regulations:

  • Vendors will enter and leave by the West Glass doors (right near the Ballroom) for loading purposes. At no time are the exits or hallways to be blocked for safety reasons.

  • At no time are vendors to sell or advertise their wares/services outside of the designated vending area. 

  • Nothing may be affixed to the walls of the hotel due to special paint. 

  • Business cards may be left with the registration tables to help advertise, but unless you are a sponsor, no other advertisement will be displayed in the common areas.

  • There will be break times during classes to allow for ample vending hours. 

  • At least one person must be in attendance of their vending space at any given time. 

  • Badges will be issued to all vending staff and are to be worn at all times throughout the event.

  • No selling of food or beverages will be allowed! 


  • Gravatar The Enchanted Oak
  • Gravatar Body, Hart, & Soul LLC.
  • Gravatar Archaic Circle
  • Gravatar Bewitching Creations
  • Gravatar Silver Gypsy
  • Gravatar Davonna's Bayou Grace
  • Gravatar irukas galleries
  • Gravatar Soul Of All Trades Entertainment
  • Gravatar Solinox
  • Gravatar The Silk Road
  • Gravatar Liz's crystals